Welcome to my website. My name is Bill. This project started as a personal blog and a place to share my photography. Recently, I’ve started to focus most of my writing around the microstock media business. My goal is to teach people how to make semi-passive income through their art. 

So what is microstock? Many online marketplaces sell the usage rights to media like photos, videos, audio, and digital designs. After someone buys the rights to your work, the marketplaces split the profits with you.

If you would like to learn more about microstock, I recommend reading my blog post called the Detailed Guide to Selling Stock Photos. Although my focus is on stock photos and videos, this can be done with any type of digital media.

You can support me by:

-Whitelisting my website in your ad-blocker. I do not display annoying popup ads. I display a banner ad at the bottom of my blog articles. This helps pay for my server/hosting and this website wouldn’t be possible without the ad revenue.

Buying “print on demand” products featuring my photography; paper prints, canvas prints, framed prints, keepsake boxes, coffee mugs, aprons, playing cards, magnets, mousepads, drink coasters, and more. Available on my Gallery page.

Buying usage rights to my photos/film through the various microstock marketplaces found on the Links page.