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Lately, I’ve been moving away from offering web development services and back into freelance graphic design. I’m looking at growing more on the design side of things for many reasons. The biggest reason is that it better lines up with my goal of traveling and working simultaneously.

I often hear about sticking with a particular niche of graphic design to be successful. Although my design background is mostly in print and web, I decided to move towards specializing in identity design. Changing my niche will help me learn and grow as a designer. Over the years, my interest in identity design has grown.

I added a new design portfolio page to my website. I will be updating it often with new designs. Do you need some graphic design work done? Contact me using this page.


I’m no longer doing any freelance work. Thanks for your support.

By Chill Bill

outdoorsman, photographer, digital nomad, chill dude.

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