Ultralight Camping Stove on a Budget

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I have been using the Reehut ultralight camping stove for years and wanted to write a little review on it. This budget ultralight camping stove costs only $9.39 and weighs in at 0.6 lbs. The whole stove folds into itself and fits in a small included case about the size of a pack of cigarettes. The little stove even comes with a lifetime warranty, but I’ve never needed to use it because it’s been so reliable.

Best Budget Ultralight Camping Stove

 I use it in combination with the Colemen blended type of fuel that’s commonly found in big box stores like Walmart. One can of fuel cost me $5.74 but last for many trips, I usually go through one or two cans of fuel per year and I camp very frequently. This is one of the cheapest and easiest ways to have on-demand hot coffee, tea, or food while out in the wilderness.

Best Budget Ultralight Camping Stove

The Reehut camp stove uses a piezo igniter to light the gas coming from an attached fuel canister. Its price comes in WAY lower than the popular Pocket Rocket, Jet Boil, and even the budget-priced Etek City stove. I use it with a cheap Walmart Ozark Trail 18 oz stainless steel cup that doubles as a small cooking pot for one person. The Ozark Trail cup cost me 5 dollars but I eventually plan on upgrading to a titanium cup to save a little weight.

Best Budget Ultralight Camping Stove

Stove + Fuel Canister + 18oz Steel Cup/Pot + Long Titanium Spork = $32.13 for my whole ultralight camping stove cooking system.

  •  Durable material: Made of aluminum alloy and stainless steel, stand high temperature and weight, anti-corrosion, carry with piezo ignition system.
  •  Compact and Foldable: ALL-in-1 design, easy to operate, weighs only 0.6lbs, lightweight, and comes with carrying case for portability. Perfect design for ultralight camping and backpacking.
  •  Flame control: Electronic strike fire ignitor, adjustable control valve for fast maximum heat output, eco-friendly, rated speed: 3000w (gas tank is not included).
  •  Broad compatibility: Compatible with any 7/16 thread single butane/butane-propane mixed fuel canisters (EN 417).

What do you think about the design of this stove? Would you prefer to get a budget stove like this one or invest in one with a more recognized brand like the MSR Pocket Rocket 2? Leave a comment below. The Reehut weighs 3.9 oz with the case while the MSR weighs 4.2 oz with its case. This makes it especially useful for ultralight backpackers. The MSR is expensive at $44.95 while the Reehut cost $9.39 and both are offered with Prime shipping on Amazon. Not only does the Reehut weigh less, but it also costs a lot less.

Best Budget Ultralight Camping Stove

Reehut Ultralight Camping Stove – Amazon Link

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