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best types of jobs for nomads

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The best types of jobs for nomads are those that allow the employee to travel. Before I started searching for jobs for nomads, I thought they would all be related to tech, but this isn’t true. You have other options, like seasonal contract jobs and work camping jobs! These are especially great for people who enjoy the outdoors; hikers, photographers, hunters, etc.

Nomads have limited opportunities compared to traditional job seekers, but there are still plenty of interesting jobs available if you know where to look. I hope this article helps you find meaningful work because I couldn’t find a guide like this in the early stages of my nomadic journey. After I got a remote job, it made it much easier for me to transition into the nomadic lifestyle. 

To find the biggest lists of jobs, you could always use the big job search engines like with specific search terms like “remote” or “travel”. Indeed allows you to use “remote” in the location field of the search. This option will give you a lot more results, but you will likely have to sift through many more jobs to find the jewels. Here are some of the best types of jobs for nomads, and specific job boards related to them:

Seasonal Contract Jobs

Seasonal contract jobs allow people to travel and work in different places around the world. Some seasonal contract jobs are in resorts like the Maldives, the Bahamas, and Cancun. However, many other seasonal contract jobs within the United States. The most common seasonal contract jobs are in food service, tourism, or retail.

My favorite types of seasonal jobs are those located in beautiful places like national parks. Two large corporations partner with US national parks to provide hospitality services, they are often hiring for many different positions. Lots of other companies hire for a variety of seasonal positions within campgrounds, hunting lodges, and ski resorts.

jobs for nomads
Nomads can explore beautiful places while working seasonal contract jobs in various locations.


Coolworks is an online job directory for people interested in seasonal work in interesting places. It’s my favorite resource for finding this type of work. The website is modern and easy to use. There are tons of great jobs advertised here.

Work Camping

Work camping is a great way to travel while working in campgrounds. These types of jobs are best for people who have camper vans or travel trailers because part of your pay usually includes a parking spot with electric, water, and wifi. Consider work camping if you’re looking for a way to get away from busy city life for a while.

If you love to hike in the wilderness like me, Work Camping gigs could be great for you!


The HappyVagabonds work camping directory is a good place to visit while searching for nomadic camp host jobs. I found their site to have more listings than most other similar websites, and the listings are highly detailed to help you in your search. You can filter listings by specific states within the US.

Remote Tech Jobs

This is the path that I went down when I first started living like a nomad. Remote tech jobs offer the most freedom compared to other jobs for nomads because you can work from anywhere. There are so many types of tech jobs available that it’s easy to find at least one that you would enjoy. If you are the creative type, consider being a graphic designer, video editor, or writer. The possibilities are endless with today’s technology. 

jobs for nomads
I found a nice spot to work here in the Boulder, CO public library.

WeWork Remotely

WeWork Remotely is a popular job board for Digital Nomads. You can find everything from sales and marketing jobs to jr developer gigs here. The site has a ton of job listings and even includes a “Top 100 Remote Companies Hiring” list that is definitely worth a look!


As you can see, there are many different options for nomads when it comes to jobs. I hope this article helped you find a path for your nomadic adventures. Comment below to share some of your favorite nomadic jobs. You can read more of my articles related to nomadic living here.

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