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This is my list of the best places to go camping in Louisiana! I have lived in Louisiana my entire life and camped out in just about every area I could find. Check out these great State Parks, National Forests, and hidden gems for your next camping adventure in the wilderness.

Where to Go Camping in Lousiana?

It depends on what’s important to you, but I think this list will help. The list is updated with every cool spot I find. Each spot has a Google Map link to help with directions. I have also included a chart to show you drive times from cities within Louisiana.

camping in louisiana

Kisatchie National Forest

Kisatchie is by far the #1 camping area around here. This is the only national forest within Louisiana. It’s located in central Louisiana, making it easy to access for everyone in the state. Kisatchie is a large forest of longleaf pine trees. The area is about 604,000 acres or 944 square miles. One of my favorite spots to camp within Kisatchie is the Bayou Recreation area. The Bayou campsites only cost $2 per day!

Sabine National Forest

Sabine National Forest is my second favorite camping area. This 160,656-acre forest sits along the state lines of Texas and Louisiana. The forest wraps around the Toledo Bend Reservoir. This lake is well known as one of the best fishing areas in the south, many bass fishing tournaments are held here. My favorite camping spot within Sabine National Forest is the 12,369-acre Indian Mounds Wilderness Area.

Rutherford Beach

Louisiana isn’t known for its beaches, but you do have a couple of options for beach camping in this state. Grand Isle is another option, but I prefer Rutherford because it has a larger area of camping space and it doesn’t cost anything to camp. Rutherford is a great spot for salt-water fishing from the beach. It is also a great spot to kayak. It’s located in Creole Louisiana, in central Cameron parish.

Indian Creek

Indian Creek is one of my favorite places to camp because of its short drive from Lafayette and its beautiful forest that surrounds the lake. The entrance is controlled by an electronic pay gate with a card reader which makes it convenient to go camping at random hours while some other camping places only allow entrance during certain hours. Indian Creek is located in Woodworth, LA.

The Oberlin Bridge

The Oberlin Bridge is a really cool spot that the locals frequent. It’s not a State Park or National Forest. It’s just a spot under a bridge that people camp, fish, BBQ, and swim. This sandy summer spot sits on the Calcasieu River. Look at the Google Maps Streetview from the top of the bridge to get a glimpse of this beautiful area. This place is located in Oberlin, LA.

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