How to create a useful Digital nomad travel map with Google My Maps

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Before I started living the digital nomad vehicle dwelling life, I wanted to create a plan for my travels. I looked at the different options and found that Google’s “My Maps” solution was the best for what I was trying to do. Living out of a vehicle creates different challenges compared to traditional housing. I need to know where to access all of the things needed to make life easier on the road. Google My Maps does a great job at this, it’s also free and your custom maps can be loaded on your mobile phone while using Google Maps for navigation.

getting started

It is much faster to create your custom map from a computer instead of a mobile device, but both are possible. To get started, head over to Google’s official My Maps website. Here you can quickly get an idea of the features and get started making your adventure maps. One of my favorite features is the ability to share your custom map with others, and the fact that your custom maps are saved in the cloud and available to load from any device from your Google account.

example of digital nomad custom google my map

This is an example of a custom map that I created, it is easy to share with others using simple web links. You can also keep it private if you prefer, the settings allow you to choose what you prefer. After you create your custom map, add “layers” for each type of place you want to visit. Click the “Add Layer” button, then you can set custom names/icons/colors for each layer. In the map I created, you can see I have layers for things like coffee shops and cool hiking spots. I used brown coffee cup icons for the coffee shops and green hiking icons for the hiking spots.

what types of places Digital Nomads should add to their maps

Digital nomads will need layers for things like coffee shops to quickly find the cool coffee joints that they planned on visiting in advance. Coffee shops are our offices on the road that often have the things we need like space to work, wifi, and climate control. Another important thing we need is gyms, this is where we go to shower and get cleaned up while traveling, so make sure to make map layers for gyms and coffee shops. Getting our route and locations planned out ahead of time makes for easier and more efficient traveling.

other cool features

Google My Maps has other cool features to make the life of the digital nomads, vehicle dwellers, and vanlifers much easier. You can draw shapes or anything anywhere on your maps with a digital pen, import map data from spreadsheets, collaborate your map creation with other Google users, save your maps into the cloud with Google Drive, and take your maps with you anywhere you go by connecting them to your Google account. What features are your favorites, how do you use Google My Maps? Let me know in the comments below.

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