Doom Eternal PC Review – Is it worth buying?

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Doom Eternal PC Review

I recently decided to stay home to avoid exposing myself during this coronavirus pandemic. Because I’m cooped up at home, I have a lot of free time and picked up a copy of Doom Eternal on PC. So here I am today with my DOOM Eternal PC review.

Is it worth buying?

Absolutely! I don’t review games that I don’t like. DOOM Eternal is a great game! I’m currently on the single-player campaign and loving it, although I haven’t gotten a chance to try the multiplayer mode yet. It stays true to the DOOM style but adds new levels of complexity to make it more interesting.

Popular Gaming Website Ratings

PC Gamer: 94% 

Metacritic: 87% 

PCWorld 4.5/5 

IGN: 9/10 

GameSpot: 8/10

The DRM Screwup

One big screwup during the release was that Bethesda included the DRM-free executable within their launchers files. DRM or Digital Rights Management is the technology that game companies use to prevent the piracy of the games that they produce. When the DRM-free file was released to the public on accident, people quickly took the file and uploaded it to popular piracy websites to share with others.

So Many Secrets!

DOOM Eternal features so many secrets! Many of them are linked to upgrades and character progression, so it’s important to find them. They aren’t super hard to find if you look at your mini-map often by pressing the tab key. The toys and record albums are simply cosmetic items but the praetor suit coins and ruins are important for making your character stronger.

What doors should I unlock in the ship first?

As you play, you will find “Sentinel Batteries” within the levels. These can be used to unlock doors within your ship. Each door reveals a bonus item that is useful for building up your strength. Look at your mini-map by pressing the tab key to see what’s behind each door. You should unlock these doors in this order, from most important to least.

  1. Sentinel Crystals
  2. Mod Bots
  3. Praetor Suit Tokens

Summary of Doom Eternal PC Review

DOOM Eternal is a fun and entertaining game for fans of the arena-style shooter genre. It’s got tons of heavy metal and gore! It’s similar to the 2016 DOOM release but with more puzzles and a slightly more advanced combat system revolved around three different special abilities for refilling life, armor, and ammo. Read more about it on the official website. What do you think about the game? Let me know in the comments below.

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