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I’m writing this to share the SEO tools that I prefer to use. There are so many different options available that it becomes a challenge trying to decide on which to use. These will help improve your SEO skills and increase your rankings in search engines. They are specific to people who prefer free or cheap options.


one of the best free SEO tools that helps with readability

When I’m writing website content, I prefer to use Grammarly for a few reasons. Not only is it a great spellchecker, but it also helps to make sure that your grammar and writing structure is correct. Grammarly’s Windows desktop software is my favorite distraction-free writing platform, this is where I always start my writing. The interface is extremely clean and user friendly. It also saves your work in the cloud automatically as you write, which is convenient and can help you recover your work if your hard-drive fails.

One of my favorite things about Grammarly is that its free version is great for my needs. Unfortunately, Grammarly and WordPress’s Gutenberg don’t currently work together. The workaround for this is to start your work in Grammarly, then copy and paste it into Gutenberg after. Hopefully, this feature gets added soon, I noticed many people online requesting cross-compatibility of the two platforms.


one of the best free SEO tools that helps as you write

Yoast makes it extremely easy to optimize your articles with proper SEO techniques. It will show you what to add or change in your content as you write! Their free version is more than enough for my needs. Yoast integrates with WordPress via a plugin. If you don’t use WordPress or prefer to minimize the number of plugins you install, then you can use their content analysis tool on their website. Their web-based tool shows you the same SEO recommendations that their WordPress plugin does. 

The only thing about Yoast that I don’t like is all the bloat that they add to the WordPress admin back-end. It’s distracting, annoying, and slows down my admin area loading speed. One good fix for this issue is the “Hide SEO Bloat” plugin by SO WP. This plugin will clean up your dashboard and remove the unwanted Yoast stuff, except for the most important features. I find it odd that I need a plugin to fix another plugin, but I guess this is the nature of WordPress.


one of the best free SEO tools that helps you find keywords

When it comes to SEO tools, they are usually expensive. There are many different options, so I will compare some of the most popular services. MOZ, AHREFS, and SEMrush all cost $99 per month. Mangools cost $49 per month, half the price of some of the biggest competitors. Mangools has the same key features of its competitors, but it doesn’t have some of the more advanced features like the others. The main tool I need in an SEO service is the keyword research tool, and Mangools has a great one for a fair price with their KWFinder tool. If you only need the basics, you can save a lot by using Mangools.

Final Thoughts

The world of SEO is very competitive and using these tools can give you an edge over your competition. What are your favorite SEO tools? Let me know in the comments below. If this was helpful, check out my other tech related blog posts.

Note: I receive affiliate commissions from businesses associated with some of the external links that I post in my articles. I only link to products and services that I trust. This helps me pay for my hosting fees as well as keep the site free for viewers like you.

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