Half-Life Nostalgia

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Back in 1998 I became addicted to PC gaming because of the game Half-Life. I was a teenager at the time, and I made friends with another kid in my neighborhood who was heavy into gaming. I had never played PC games before because computers weren’t as common as they are nowadays. I immediately became hooked and bought my own computer shortly after.

I have fond memories of the dark sci-fi alien world of Half-Life. The single-player campaign was deep, interesting, and suspenseful. The online play packed never-ending fun for many years. The online community of players brought a world of competition and friendship.

The game was developed by a company called Valve. They made the game in a way that supported the desire of its fans to create modifications that evolved into entirely separate games like Counter-Strike. One game spawned hundreds of others, all built on the same engine. This made it so that the game never got boring because you always had something new. New skins, new maps, new online opponents, new stories, new characters, new worlds, etc.

I remember reading the website Planet Half-Life just about every day to see what new things had been going on in the world of Half-Life. I remember having friends over at the house and eagerly showing them the awesomeness of this wonderful game. I started and joined “clans” or online gaming groups. I even made my own custom maps and character skins for the game and shared them online with other players while being extremely proud of my work.

If I ever get a tattoo, I want to get the Half-Life symbol. If you do a quick Google image search for “Half-Life Tattoo”, you will see many other people had the same idea and got influenced by this game as much as I have. As I write this article I’m listening to the games soundtrack, it was recently released on spotify and I will link it below for your enjoyment. I added all of the songs to my playlist for the nostalgia.


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