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I’ve been super busy lately, but life is good.

Website Updates

The last redesign I did on this website was done in a rush because I wanted a decent web resume up ASAP. I’m not fully satisfied with the current design because I know I can create something much better. I plan on doing a complete redesign soon and I’m excited to get started. During the redesign, I’m going to add a new page dedicated to my photography. (update –  redesign is done, adding photography stuff later)

New SEO Tool

I’m no longer using Yoast because I found a better alternative. For the people still using Yoast, I highly recommend you check out Rank Math. I like it more because it puts less junk in the WordPress admin area, loads faster, and it has a better UI. Yoast would add so much junk to my admin UI that I would always install another plugin called “Hide SEO Bloat” just to clean up my interface. Less plugins = faster loading.

Pausing My Services

I’m putting a pause on my freelance design and development services. If I do start freelancing again, it won’t be on UpWork. UpWork has the most work available, but I don’t like how they charge freelancers for “credits” just to bid on jobs. The freelance marketplace Guru gives the freelancers 10 free bids each month. I feel like Guru is a better deal and I would prefer to work with them.


When I first made this site, I forgot to set up Cloudflare. Using Cloudflares free service will improve my loading speeds, so I need to set that up. Cloudflare also gives your website free DDoS protection. I will have to mess with my DNS settings, so the site will be down for a little while. I should have done this before launching the site. Nameservers can take up to 48 hours to propagate, but it usually doesn’t take this long. (update – Cloudflare is now configured)


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