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For the past few months, I’ve been focusing on minimalism. I’ve sold off tons of things that I don’t really need and got further towards the bare essentials that fit inside my car. I can only take so much stuff with me when I start my next adventure. I took all of the money I made from selling my stuff and invested it into an income portfolio of stocks and bonds that I’ve been slowly building.

It’s a nice feeling, the more stuff I get rid of, the freer I feel. Part of downsizing my life was also making some major changes to this website. I uninstalled Oxygen builder and converted the site back to the good old traditional WordPress. Oxygen was overkill for what I’m trying to do with this website. The website’s new design is extremely simple and minimal. This helps my website load extremely fast and cuts down on the clutter to make things easier to read/navigate.

I leave Louisiana in less than a week to start expanding my photography portfolio. Learning videography is in the plans as well. I will be going north through Texas and up into Colorado. The extra income from the stock marketplaces will help me afford my travels. I plan on living out of my car to save money instead of paying for hotels. Life is expensive, but minimalism makes it financially bearable.

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