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Altra Lone Peak 5


This is a product review of the men’s Altra Lone Peak 5. The newest generation of a popular trail shoe by a company with a growing reputation for quality minimalist style athletic shoes. I recently picked up a pair and took them out on some mountain trails and wanted to share what I think.

What are the Lone Peak 5’s?

The Lone Peak 5’s fall into a niche category within the shoe industry called minimalist shoes. These types of shoes often have little to no cushion, wide toe boxes, and a zero-degree drop from heel to toe. I’m a huge fan of this style because it focuses on a more natural fit/function compared to most shoes on the market.

Pros & Cons

Sometimes people injure themselves because their feet aren’t accustomed to wearing minimalist shoes. As you switch from traditional to minimalist shoes, you will notice that your gait changes. This is because most shoes change the way you naturally walk, with the heel higher from the ground than the toe area of the shoe.

The Lone Peak 5’s are interesting because they are near some type of halfway point between “normal” and minimalist shoes. The stack height of the cushion under the shoe is 25mm, this is more than most minimalist shoes. I have found that many of the ultra-thin soles of minimalist shoes are hard to wear on rocky terrain, but the Lone Peak 5’s solve that issue.

Another thing that makes these a little less minimalist is the rugged construction materials. Many minimalist shoes use thin flexible materials to make the shoe flex and bend more while walking. The Lone Peak 5’s do have some bending/flexibility to them, but not as much as other minimalist shoes. I think the tougher materials will give them a longer lifespan.

The Lone Peak 5’s are designed for hiking, so their tougher materials give them an advantage in extreme outdoor terrain. The thick stack height is great for people who are new or transitioning to barefoot-style shoes. While thin minimalist shoes are great for standard terrain or everyday use, I prefer my Lone Peak’s for rocky terrain and wilderness hikes.


They are expensive, currently retailing for around $150. I normally wouldn’t buy such an expensive pair of shoes, but my last pair of Altra’s impressed me. I bought the Altra Solstice running shoes two years ago at half the price of the Lone Peak 5. The Solstice are more minimal than the Lone Peak, constructed with thinner materials not ideal for wilderness terrain.


Altra’s Solstice would be a good alternative if you want to save some money and don’t do much hiking. Especially for people who prefer a more minimal construction and thinner stack height compared to Altra’s Lone Peak 5’s. If you are on an even tighter budget but still want to get into minimalist shoes, I recommend looking at cheaper brands like Whitin.


After wearing the Lone Peak 5’s for the last few weeks, I can say that I think they nailed it. These are the best hiking shoes I’ve ever worn in my entire life. Their aggressive tread helps prevent slipping and sliding while on steep trails, and I appreciate their large toe box. They are very comfortable, especially on long-distance hikes. Let me know what you think about them in the comments below. For more of my outdoor product reviews, check this blog category.

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