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For the last year, I have been working on a website called Plant Growers Club. Although it’s not a new idea, I wanted to build a website for gardeners to communicate and trade seeds. They have a few websites on the internet who do the same thing, just not exactly in the same way. Plant Growers Club is different because it uses the best open source forum platform currently available. That platform is called Discourse. After trying out many different platforms to build the website on, I finally decided on using Discourse.

Discourse has a team of developers behind it who keep it updated and working correctly. I set up the website on a DigitalOcean virtual Linux server to make the website load fast and efficiently. In my opinion, DigitalOcean is one of the best cloud providers out there. When Plant Growers Club grows, it won’t be hard to scale up the server and add more RAM and storage as necessary. I feel that now is a great time to be developing a website about gardening with the Coronavirus causing so many people to be on lockdown at home. I’ve noticed a lot more people within my local community starting gardens and discussing the benefits of growing food in these uncertain times.

I’m currently in the process of building content within the website to try and get it ranked in search engines. I’ve also started marketing the site on places like Twitter, Minds, Instagram and Quora. Banner ads are now inserted here on my blog, this should bring in some extra revenue to help me buy some paid ads for Plant Growers Club. Starting up an online community is always the hardest at the beginning and could take years. After people start joining and posting content, things will grow a lot faster. If you would like to visit the website, check it out at

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