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Although I’m still new to Oxygen, it has quickly become my favorite WordPress tool. Recently, I started looking at the possibility of selling custom Oxygen design sets. I started by reading their official documentation on the subject.

The process looked easy, but I still had questions. Do 3rd party design sets work offline? How does the design set’s data transfer to another website with just the “site key”? I contacted Oxygen support and they explained that design sets need to be live on the internet and most people set them up on subdomains.

The source site and destination site communicate with each other via the key to transfer the data of the design set. You can design the theme in a local environment, but you need to upload the site to your server after you are done with the design. After I create my first design set, I will display it for sale here on my website.

The basic functionality of Oxygen’s built-in key system sounds good to me, but other options exist if you need more features. If you want to sell your theme as a zipped file, there is a 3rd party solution called Oxytransfer. If you want a strict license system, there is a 3rd party solution called Asura. I prefer to stay within Oxygen’s system and not use third party options.

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