The Wonderful World of Slingshots

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Yesterday while randomly searching youtube, I discovered the wonderful world of competitive slingshot tournaments as well as people who use the slingshot as a weapon to hunt small game. My mind was blown. I had to get one.

Slingshots bring back childhood memories of cheap Daisy toys from department stores that I had fun with by shooting bottles and cans in the woods. They bring back memories of shows like Dennis the Menace and The Simpsons. Slingshots have come a long way from those days.

Some of today’s slingshots are over-engineered with things like tactical flashlights, laser pointers, fluorescent-colored aiming reticles, wrist stabilizers, new types of ammunitions like paintballs, and even the ability to shoot full-sized arrows! After watching random videos deep into YouTube, I quickly realized that slingshots are cool as hell, even as an adult.

The first thing I did was fire up eBay and Amazon, then I started browsing their large selections. I couldn’t make up my mind after over an hour of searching and didn’t make a purchase until the next day. The options felt endless. I dug deeper, searching the net for more information on reputable brands of slingshots.

I settled a slingshot from a company called SimpleShot, it’s called the Axiom Ocularis. I got this one because it was recommended by more experienced shooters on slingshot forums. I like the design of it because it features patent-pending plugs that allow you to quickly change rubber bands without any tools.

Their original Scout model is was usually more recommended than the Axiom Ocularis online, but I preferred the slightly smaller design of the Axiom Ocularis. In fact, their Scout model also seems to be their biggest seller. Both models are available on Amazon at the following links:

Axiom Ocularis – Amazon Link

The Scout – Amazon Link

Update: I’ve been shooting the Axiom Ocularis for a few days now. It’s a great slingshot and I have gotten pretty accurate with it already. I plan on wrapping the handle with paracord to make it easier to grip with my fairly large hands.

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