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my fujifilm xt-3 that I use for stock photography and video

This website is starting to get some much-needed attention after I’ve been neglecting it for a while. Each post in the blog index will now feature images from my photography portfolio. The default WordPress favicon has been replaced with my logo. I made some major changes to the contact page. I’m working on other minor changes with fonts and text colors. I will have a new gallery system in place soon. I’ve been taking a ton of photos and will be expanding my stock portfolio soon. My new remote job is giving me a great opportunity to finally travel more, something I’ve been looking forward to for a while. I’m excited about my future adventures and look forward to sharing more about them here on my website.


Made another website update today, re-designed the blog post template and I will be adding a comment section soon 🙂


Completely redone the website AGAIN. I will make a new post on the details of this soon.


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