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stealth vehicle dwelling

I’m currently traveling and living out of my vehicle to save money. Before I started doing this, I watched a million YouTube videos on vehicle dwelling “builds” and noted the things that made living in a vehicle easier. I will expand this list further in the future if people are interested. If you can think of anything that needs to be listed here, drop it in the comments at the bottom of the post.

dark window tint

Dark window tint prevents people from peeping in on you while sleeping. It helps keep the inside of your vehicle cooler by preventing sunlight from coming in. In order to “stealth camp”, dark window tint is pretty much required. Just be careful with the level of tint you use; super dark tint is illegal in many states.

solar generator

A “solar generator” is a battery pack with different types of outlets that allow you to power electronics on the go. This is super useful for someone like me who needs to charge a cell phone, laptop, shaver, toothbrush, earbuds, camera batteries, and an e-reader. It keeps all my things powered while on the road and can be charged via wall outlets or solar panels.

The unit that I use is the GoLabs R300.

blinds / curtains

Blackout curtains can go behind your dark window tint to make it impossible to see inside your car if you’re looking for the highest level of privacy possible. There are many different kinds of DIY options and products available, I prefer the black curtains with magnets sewn around the edges. The magnets attach the curtains to the metal frame around your window.

I use these magnetic curtains and they work well for me.

storage drawers

You can get cheap plastic storage drawers from big box stores or used drawers from flea markets. Just make sure to measure the area you plan on putting it within your vehicle. This will help you to maximize space in small vehicles and easily organize your things.

I use something like this.

Sleeping Bag

People who live in vehicles without climate control chase cooler weather. Having a good sleeping bag is essential in staying comfortable. Synthetic bags tend to be cheaper but aren’t as great for backpacking because they don’t compress as much as down bags.

This is a good budget sleeping bag that’s also good for backpacking.


These mini USB fans with flexible tripod arms work well for attaching to random spots in your vehicle. These make things a lot more comfortable when you’re trying to cool off without running your air conditioner all night. Save the fuel and vehicle maintenance costs by getting simple fans that can be recharged or ran directly off of your solar generator.

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