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The new WordPress 5.9 will be released on January 25th, not too long from now! I’m excited about this update because it features the new “full site editing” within Gutenberg. This is game-changing in the WordPress world because it will allow you to build whole websites on core WordPress without having to install third-party page builder plugins that often have negative effects on your website’s loading speed. This new full site block system is the future of WordPress.

Because of this major change to WordPress, I will be rebuilding this website soon. I plan on using all dark colors on the new design, I’ve always appreciated dark websites over the more traditional bright white websites you often see. It will probably take a while to finish the redesign and I’m doing it live, so you will see a maintenance notice during the transformation. The website will be down starting around Jan. 25th until everything is completed, but my photography portfolio will remain functional at

For more information on Full Site Editing, read the handbook article directly on

[Update] The website redesign is complete and everything is back up. My next website goal is to redesign my photography gallery, that change will be coming soon. The gallery is going to reflect this dark color scheme that I’m using here on the blog.

This new blog design is single-columned, I moved away from the previous sidebar featured design. I prefer having the blog content taking up the entire screen, it gives a better user experience and I couldn’t really do that with the previous design.

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