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While looking for alternatives to Elementor, I found Oxygen. Lately, I haven’t been using page builder plugins because they produce bloated code that negatively impacts page loading speed. However, Oxygen produces clean code and pages that load much faster! This is because Oxygen isn’t a page builder, it’s like a hybrid of a page builder and a theme designer. With Oxygen, you don’t use the WordPress theme system. I could never get the page loading speeds I wanted when using Elementor or any of the other page builder plugins, but now I can because I completely rebuilt this website with Oxygen. I’m getting Google Pagespeed ranks in the 90’s range, which is great!

This page on Oxygen’s website explains the performance pretty well. I also redesigned this website because I wanted it to serve two new purposes. One, I needed a place to put a professional web resume. Two, I wanted a place to advertise my freelance webdev/design services. I haven’t finished creating my freelance service page yet, but I’m working on it. The pandemic has changed my life in major ways, and one of my new goals is to move into the remote workforce. The reason I want to go down the remote path is that I’m trying to avoid exposure to COVID. Another great benefit to remote work is the increased ability to travel and I need new adventures in my life!

So far Oxygen has been great. It’s not for beginners as it’s not nearly as user friendly and simple as page builders like Elementor. Oxygen is better for people who know the basics of coding. One of my favorite features is the “selector detector“. This feature makes it easy to quickly select page elements and start making changes in CSS, it also helps to organize your style edits within a folder system. I have noticed a few minor bugs with Oxygen, but nothing website breaking. The bugs don’t occur often, and they are always fixed with a simple page refresh in the browser.

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