Why You Shouldn’t Give Facebook Your Content

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You shouldn’t write great content and then post it on Facebook because you are giving away your hard work to a giant company for free. Facebook makes money with your content and gives you none of the profit in return. Journalist, comedians, photographers, and other creatives with digital content should create their own website and use websites like Facebook as a marketing tool to get people to go to your official website.

Having your own website has numerous advantages and isn’t as complicated as many people think. I can tell you how to set one up, but that’s another article for another time. In this article, I want to focus on the benefits of having your own website.

  • You have FULL control over every aspect of your website, while platforms like Facebook are limited.
  • You can monetize your content. Doesn’t matter if it’s through banner ad networks, affiliate commission links, or E-commerce. You decide how you want to make money with your website.
  • Your content isn’t moderated to Facebook’s standards. YOU choose what is appropriate content for your website. This means no censorship or someone telling you what you can or cannot post.
  • Having your own website gives you more credibility. You are seen as more of an expert than some random person on Facebook.
  • You can quickly and easily collect an e-mail list with your own website. I don’t believe Facebook has this feature. E-mail lists are important for staying in touch with your audience.
  • The level of aesthetic or design can be a million times more complex and customized to YOUR brand, not just the limited to the options that Facebook offers.
  • You have more access to important statistical data to helps you make important decisions for the direction of your content. Facebook will give you a limited amount of data about the people visiting, while your own website can give you so much more.
  • You won’t be at the mercy of Facebook’s algorithm if you own your website. If Facebook decides to change the way your page is displayed, it can have a major negative impact on your page’s traffic.

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